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Thursday, July 4, 2013

"If you know it, there isn't any need to keep it"

Yesterday as I recycled nearly 20 years of collected articles and conference notes, an anecdote from many years ago came to mind.

A child came to their teacher with a completed piece of work, perhaps a test, which had been marked, asking the teacher where they should put it.

The teacher told the child to put the work in the bin.

When the child looked stricken and asked "Why?", the teacher asked "Do you know the material?"
The child answered "Yes".

The teacher replied “If you know it, there isn't any need to keep it".

When I looked at the big pile of lever arch files full of articles and the dozens notebooks containing conference notes I had a similar feeling. I ‘know’ what they say. Each informed another step along the path to this point. But I don't need to keep them in order to know the material.

I also know where I can find them again should I need to. I don't need to keep them.
In the clear out I have also discovered other resources which I will no longer need. So it looks like there might be a book sale next term.
Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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